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A Positive Look At The New Norms In Dance Studios

We have all experienced it, new norm challenges with school, work, activities, and the performing arts is no different. Although, many things have changed, there is much to be said for the resilience of the dance community and what it brings to our children.

Clearly, the dance community has really thought outside the box to keep the human connection alive by conducting online zoom lessons, virtual recitals, positive yard signs, and drive by party's, to name a few.

Today, dance studios may look a little different with some type of markings on the floor for social distancing, less lobby activity, masks and hand sanitizer everywhere, but this has not stopped studio directors from dancing through the new norm!

Without a doubt, Dance Instructors have become more savvy with social media and online teaching platforms. Many studios have over exceeded the expectations by conducting in class lessons and zoom lessons at the same time... Can these fabulous studios and teachers get a round of applause?! YAASSS!!!

Indeed, new policies have added a positive spin to performing arts facilities such as;

social distancing teaching students special awareness for the stage and in class.

Apart of this, ballet barres, door knobs, mirrors, etc. are wiped down after each class, which only helps keep the studio more cleanly and contribute to the overall health of staff and students. Moreover, the extra time between dance classes allows instructors to better prepare for the next class, with less stress and rejuvenated energy for those adorable, excited dancers.

BUT.....If you ask any Instructor, the best part is providing students a place to "DANCE IT OUT"!!! Plus, the smiles of pure joy on their little masked faces makes it all worth it.

At the end of the day, we all want this to be over but in the meantime we are looking for a safe, positive, and fun experience for our family. If you have not done so yet, or you are still reluctant to return to dance class, please at least reach out to your local dance studio and see what they offer.

It should be noted, Studio Directors/Instructors have gone over and beyond to keep facilities up and running, all the while, continuing to connect with students to keep a positive impact on our youth.

To all the studio directors/instructors, we applauded you and your efforts to remain present for your customers, students and staff during these uncertain times. Thank you!

List of Accreted Dance Studios

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