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Studio Directors
What is My Chique Boutique?

The My Chique Boutique is your studio's customized dance attire product page.  Choose the attire you wish for your studio's uniform or dancewear needs and your parents can shop directly on our site without any hassle!!   


Owning a dance studio is a dream come true and selling dance wear is a revenue stream you should consider.  By following our suggested retail pricing and low wholesale prices, can guarantee you additional income for your business.  


The customized product page can be an added feature to present to your customers.  As a studio director you have three options with Chique Designs.

  1.  Create an account, purchase wholesale and sell in your own studio's boutique.

  2.  Select products you wish to sell on your My Chique Boutique page and your customers purchase directly on our website

  3. Or choose both options! 

Chique Designs is here for you and want to assist in your studio's growth! 

For more information on any products and what Chique can off you

1- Chique Designs offers high quality

products with beautiful fabrics at reasonable prices. 


2-Dancewear basics are not boring anymore! Chique will keep your dancers in style, while also maintaining a polished uniformity look that all teachers love.


3-Chique is focused on keeping the tiny dancers motivated, attentive and ready to learn. With Chique's dancewear, everything is designed to help dancers stay focused. Gone are the days of pulling and tugging on loose attire. The only distracting our dancewear can bring is in the mirror!


4- We know the importance of uniformity in professional dance schools, but so often, dancers neglect to mark their items. Chique Designs has a solution!  ALL of our dance attire have a place to write the dancer's name on the inside tag!! This is great for tiny dancers as they learn accountability and identify their personal belongings.


5-Most importantly, Chique Designs is here for you! We are dedicated to satisfying our customers and expanding our vision to help dancers everywhere find their confidence. We believe growth and maturity are built inside the classroom, and that starts with your dancers feeling and looking their best!

Why Choose US?

"Step into the Spotlight"

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