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Why Dance?

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

To hear the roaring of a crowd after your best performance ever is the dream of every dancer!

If you think why you put your child or grandchild in dance lessons most of the time the answer is because "she/he loves to dance all over the living room". This is a phrase many directors and instructors hear from new families coming into the studio to register for dance lessons. Some dancers are born into dance because their parent(s) are dance teachers or their parents loved the performing arts. To perform a routine to perfection, have fun on stage, or have the best turn day is a goal of all dancers with a true passion. This is possible for any dancer whether they are naturally talented or work day and night to be the best they can be! As you can see, dance means something different to each person, and can used as a platform to get individuals through tragedies or happy times in life. Remember to keep dancing!

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