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How studios are handling the change due to Covid-19

As the spread of the Covid-19 virus numbers rise, so does the anxiety and pressure for dance studio owners, in order, to keep their customers happy and doors open! On many social media threads, the main topic for discussion is how to conduct a quality dance class online either via Facebook Live, Zoom, instructional videos, and more. Not to mention, other platforms conducting free master classes have been rapidly flooding social media. The love and support between studio directors have brought on a new level of bonding in the dance community. Thus, the love of the performing arts and teaching dance is what keeps the dance community tight.

Online Dance Lessons

When your child's dance studio takes exceptional steps to keep your dancer's passion for the arts alive, a parent's heart is full of gratitude. Studios across the world are looking to keep dance alive via online class participation. Many studios have transferred their teaching methods and the responses have been absolutely amazing! As an instructor for over 20 years, I can honestly say, my students are like my extended family and I want to provide them with a positive learning experience during this troublesome time. Dance studios are not giving up and we encourage parents to trust your directors and have the dancers participate in as much dance as possible. This will help keep the dancers motivated, moving, occupied, happy and release energy. During a time when we must stay apart, it is so important to keep the connection with each other with the online classes. The online classes will assist in giving the dancers a goal to work towards and feel accomplished.


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